Autoservizi Sempione is born as it structures professional from experiences pluriennali in the sector of the car rental, furnishing services of high quality to:
  • tourist
  • businesmen
  • company
  • hotel lodges agriturismo
  • corporate body of demonstrations
  • town council
  • embassies
  • sporting associations
  • private
  • seniors
offering punctuality and completeness of every single service, courtesy and availability with the awareness of the fact that the satisfaction of the Client is our first objective..... AUTOSERVIZI SEMPIONE offers his/her own competence and experience to realize, besides the normal momentary services and transports, tours of the most famous tourist places in Italy.

Autoservizi Sempione - Torino - Cellulare: 3925711998 - Email: gimmi.natta @libero.it - Partita IVA: 09578140015