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Enogastronomic tour Enogastronomici tour through the langhes. They begin where the Monferrato ends and I is also them hills of appreciated wines. The capital of the Langhes is Dawn, already inhabited in the neolitico and in epoch Roman and famous country of the hypocrite. The Hills monferrine. I am a small world where appreciated wines are produced. The necks almost never overcome the 500 meters of altitude. Crossing the Monferrato in south direction, Asti is reached, chief town of province, city that preserves important medieval monuments.
Sacra di San Michele
Reggia di Venaria
Cittą d'arte e santuari

 In the north of the Region the lakes are the door d' access to the Val d' Ossola and to the great mountains that rise you to start from the Rosa Mountain. On the lake d' Orta destination of great call is the it isolates of St. Giulio. On the Greatest lake very suggestive they are the islands Borromee. The long walk continuing in the Piedmontese earths, the Canavese is found. It rises among the valleys of the National Park of the Gran Heaven and Baltea Gilds her/it.

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